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Serviced Offices

While landlords/property owners demand anywhere from one to two years in rent advance for office space, at Avery Scott we say; why pay for space you may not use. We believe in value for money, that is why we provide our clients with the most efficient yet cost effective solution to the problem.

No Stringent Payment Terms

At Avery Scott, we do not tie you to strict payment plans. We understand that paying huge rent advances distort capital allocation which can be vital in determining the success or failure of businesses and organizations. There is nothing like a one year rent advance at Avery Scott.


At Avery Scott, we work on your terms so feel free to change your mind at any time. Our daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly packages mean that you are given the freedom to choose how much to allocate to infrastructure at any given time. This allows you to channel funds where most pressing in growing their businesses.

Strategic Location

Our maiden facility is located in the heart of the capital within walking distance of banks, hotels, restaurants, several companies/multinational organizations and only 10minutes drive from the national airport.

An Office for Every Budget


180 sq/feet
  • Executive work station
  • Additional standard work station
  • File storage
  • Adjoining toilet and bath
  • Conference room discount
  • Personal phone line
  • Subscribe
  • Standard Package


150 sq/feet


150 sq/feet


95 sq/feet